Rizal is a province located in the CALABARZON , just 16 kilometers east of Manila. The province was named after the country's national hero,José Rizal. Rizal Governor Jan Tristan C. Aquino on June 17, 2008 announced the transfer of the Capitol from Pasig. Its P 270-million capitol building, being constructed in Antipolo City by Ortigas & Co., owner thereof, will be completed by December. Built on 5-hectare lot at the Ynares Center, it will employ 2,008 employees. The New Capitol was successfully inaugurated on March 4, 2009, bringing back the Capitol Building inside the provincial territory that was gone for 33 years.

Rizal is bordered by Metro Manila to the west, the province of Bulacan to the north, Quezon to the east and Laguna province to the south. The province also lies on the northern shores of Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country.

Rizal is a mountainous province perched on the western slopes of the southern portion of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Antipolo City boasts of a wonderful view of Metro Manila and it is where Hinulugang Taktak, a waterfall popular with tourists, can be found.

The Rizal Province will be accessed by the future C-6 Road connecting the provinces of Bulacan and Cavite and cities of Taguig (beside Laguna de Bay), Parañaque and Muntinlupa which located in Metro Manila

 Before the 1990s, the primary source of economy in Rizal province were the huge piggery estates owned by Manila-based families. In the recent years, the province became one of the most progressive provinces in country, owing to its proximity to Metro Manila, the economic center of the PhilippinesAntipolo CityTaytay and Cainta serve as the economic centers of the province, while AngonoRodriguezMorong,San MateoTanayBinangonan and Teresa are taking successful steps to urbanize areas within their jurisdiction. Other areas of the province are having difficulty to start the urbanization process, mainly because of the lack of main roads to connect these to economic centers.

In a study recently conducted by the National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB), Rizal province came out to be the Philippines' least poor province with a poverty incidence rate of 3.4%, even lower than that of the National Capital Region or Metro Manila.

Antipolo, the province's capital city, is the center of trade and exchange, tourism, government and economy. It is also a center of education and sports because of the availability of various educational and physical training facilities. Acclaimed of its scenic attractions, the city also produces agricultural products such as cashew nuts and rice cakes. Taytay, the province's center of garment and textile manufacturing, is also the town where the country's largest mall operator runs a store near the town center. Meanwhile, Cainta serves as the center of business-process outsourcing (BPO) businesses in the province, aside from being known for the presence of several shopping centers and delicacies such as bibingka or rice cakes.

Rizal Province sits immediately east of Metro Manila. Located 20 kilometers east of Manila, commuters take approximately an hour to reach the provincial seat which is at Antipolo City. Generally hilly and mountainous in terrain, most of the province's southern towns lie in the shores of Laguna de Bay, the country's largest inland body of water.

                                               Clothing Industry In The Philippines

What we are talking here now ,is all about the standing of our Economic status .Way back 1980 Sewing Industry booms so fast highly enough to boost the standing of the Garment & Textile company owned  by many foreign investors here in our own country.Like as mentioned above "Rizal" is the center of  Garment Factories, and Textile Companies.During that time the only group remains standing to compete with those foreign investors are the owner of RTW's .RTW's (ready to wear)garment,or locallly made dress by our experts.Experts who  are very well
trained to their expertise when it comes to Dress and style.Garment Factories often offers  their service just for Import and Export deals only.That's why  RTW became famous only on Wet & Dry market.Wet & Dry markets fully supplied by our own local investors,until we reach the market in Malls also.But, sad to say that  won't last.Year 1990's when the industry goes down,means a total Pluff.

We Filipinos when it comes to money matters , and when  we are experiencing a total hardships ? we always try to look for a temporary solution or,let's say an answer for all of these.Working abroad is a total relief,but since years goes fast and many of our men wants to work for abroad also,Vacancy started to grow.Many families started to worry.Some of OFW's got an idea to put their own businesses , instead working abroad again away from their families.One of these are opening a small garment or a Sub-Con Garment  business.At first they did,and win.It's only a matter of good handling they say,managing.Others really succeed and travels abroad also with these business.Import  Export business deals.They usually travels here and there with their exchange product .Clothing Industry booms in Asian Country.But,Fate Says Hey ! it's me........".Ukay Ukay "(slightly used)clothing enters on the scene.Even bargains in Malls shamely out of reach from our poor pockets because of Economic Crisis.why we look for some branded clothings with a very high price,if we can have it in a very cheap price?Branded shirts,Pants, Bags,and Accessories and a lot more.....that is Ukay Ukay (slightly used) clothings and Accessories ,computers,electronic gadgets,home appliances,housing materials,educational tools,boats,buses and other land vehicles,airplanes,air traffic equipments, from various places of USA and nearby Asian Country.Pinoys grab the opportunity to invest on it.Applying the sayings,"STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT".Ukay Ukay takes the lead.Becomes a friendly pocket holder for the wise one.Even our citizens are being used as illegal couriers of illegal merchandise, and the irony, is that we allow these things to happen in front of us in daylight!

Few of our Top Celebrities & who knows Politicians too, do the same thing also..........why not ?
"Where is our Pride".

    Just call me "Rizza".Since i was not able to go on any farther place,apply for works outside,attend meetings or Seminars,mine is a total mess.Yes i can't.Not just because i don't like to work but,it's because of some reason which i cannot explain well here.Instead i look for an answer and pray .God grant my wish and use my cousin as a tool to grant few of my wishes,and it comes true.My cousin brought home one day with a second hand "Sewing Machine"on her hand with her bestfriend who accompanied her buying the machine.God knows how Happy i am that time.Startled..... i started to touch it joyfully thanking God ....He is really good.......

    I WANT TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY ALSO TO THANK MY COUSIN,,,,,,,,,,,a very nice quite person on her own.Allow me to say "Salamat" Ate Evelyn....


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