Just call me "Rizza".Since i was not able to go on any farther place,apply for works outside,attend meetings or Seminars,mine is a total mess.Yes i can't.Not just because i don't like to work but,it's because of some reason which i cannot explain well here.Instead i look for an answer and pray .God grant my wish and use my cousin as a tool to grant few of my wishes,and it comes true.My cousin brought home one day with a second hand "Sewing Machine"on her hand with her bestfriend who accompanied her buying the machine.God knows how Happy i am that time.Startled..... i started to touch it joyfully thanking God ....He is really good.......

    I WANT TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY ALSO TO THANK MY COUSIN,,,,,,,,,,,a very nice quite person on her own.Allow me to say "Salamat" Ate Evelyn....


    May 2011


    Sew & Stitches