Many people now, are experiencing an Economic Crisis.That's why they look for any alternatives for any regular items.Instead of using a branded one,they look for an alternative as a substitute in a very lowest price.They enjoy the benefits of it and i am one of them ,too.Why stick on a branded one if,u can have other  which also serve as same ?u can have it and use it now and throw it later ....means" Disposable".here is my story....

"Tatlo Lima,Tatlo Lima"  (3 pieces for P5).lang po !A boy shouting this ,holding on his both hands a bundled and colorful round shapes garment which they usually called "Basahan".In English Wipeys.a pieces of cloth comes from an excess materials from the cutting department at any Textile or Garment Factories.I am very proud of, to that person who got an idea of this.A Simple Creations of a Filipino who is very creative on their own way,making small things useful to anybody and selling it at a very affordable price.It was very helpful especially to Jeepney Drivers, carinderia owner,janitors ,offices and etc....Maybe you wonder how it be made ? Let me show you how.Try to look at the following ...

Materials :
1.sewing machine
2.retaso (strip cut of garment)
4..newspaper(cut into round shape a size of a plate)
6..mugmog (served as a filler)
7.pantapal (facing cloth ,up and down part)
8.petals (a piece of cloth cut into your desired shapes)
9.plate (use it to make an easy move for the preparing of your strip cut garment)
Preparing :
first make a cartoon round shape pattern as big as a plate then make it as a base for the newspaper pattern.
1.put into plate, the round shape newspaper
2.put on the first facing (which is cut also in round shape as a center facing)
3.put down all the strip garment counter clockwise
4.put the Mugmog or filler after that
5.put down again the last facing on top

Start sewing :
check your finish product make sure there is no puckering stitch

now you have your very own Simple Creations.


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