Hey ! who says " Cloth Diapers" is just for "Pedia" .It is also for the "Geriatics" Indeed.Make your old ones be comfortable.Instead of worrying how to assist & manage your oldies  proper daily  hygiene ,experiencing those stinky smell when they get wet because ,they are not able to move quickly and go to the bathroom when they needed to ?Try to use these simple created pampers or "Cloth Diapers" for them .It is really useful,reusable,fit to any age and washable.Very friendly up to anybody's pocket......econo save matter.
....Often when we hear the word "Diaper"only one thing comes into our mind.A disposable panties usually wrapped with cottons inside it,which absorb any kind of wetness . Very useful for any mother specially to those who is ,a working mother to itself.They say it is really a great help.Save their time and very affordable they say.But,if....you are really wise enough and think smart,you will be amaze to this "Man"who is a father also thinking how to help his wife ,while  he is out of job.While his wife working and he is alone tending the needs of their baby ,it make him realize how important the role of a mother is.Baby is crying and he don't know what to do first,until finally he discovered that the babies diaper is just wet with urine and followed by sagging with full of Pooffoo .Discovering how their "Baby" consumed the whole bunch of wet "Baby Diapers"  the whole day irritates him and make him think for a solution for the best.Listing down all their needs  and necesseties,including the sum of consumed "Baby Diapers" per month.And whew ! it is really a, what do we call it a real "Budget".Thinking on how to reduce the expenses ,he remember the older way of using "Baby  Cloth Diapers" for the babies.Since on his childhood only cloth diaper is available.Having an idea to make it more fixable ,reusable and save time and money for the good.All you have to do is to have an extra time and effort for doing it .Wrapped it with your love and extra dedication..... Have Hugs And Kisses  for the babies . I want to introduce you this  proud “Daddy” serve as an example who’ve got this brilliant  idea,discovering how to make a comfortable  nappies and “Baby Cloth Diapers” for the babies.Using the brass fabric as an alternative of  branded diapers in the market.

Try to listen and read this short story how it was started…..He is out of job,and only his wife  has to provide the necessities.Pay all the bills and etc,…to save his ego from shame,he voluntarily offer himself to nanny their own kids while waiting for a return call for a job.Not expecting the hard part of taking care of their own kids,how to handle them while doing the house chores at the same time.Here comes the baby,crying out loudly it irritates him.He got worried.Checking the babies temperature thinking  she  is sick.But,no the baby have a normal temperature.Maybe she is just sleepy,he moves back and forth rocking the baby  singing her a lullaby.Gosh he said what a job!.Stubbornly the baby won’t stop crying.And he is really worried now how to comfort the baby.Not knowing what to do furthermore, he absently sit down again and accidentally tap the baby’s butt while laying face down on his lap,Ooops hey! What is this, "She" is wet.Checking on her diaper he slowly remove the wet diaper full of Pooffoo,suddenly the baby stop crying and, after changing it she fall asleep.Staring down on their baby he finally realize now the important role of a mother to a family.

Now he know.The baby is irritable when they are  wet.So you have to check them every now and then to give them more Eaes and comfort.Changing diapers took a real time and spent a lot  amount of money.Realizing the cost of everything and budgeting the amount for the baby needs,specially the “Diapers”.Diapers really a comfort for every mothers best. But,not for every parents pocket nor budget.Now baby is out of stock for a diapers.looking for an alternative ,he goes back to his old time nappies or what we call it “Lampin” here in the Philippines.The problem is,it took a lot of time changing over and over again until out of nappies also.

He looks for a solution.Why not take the old ways and apply with  a modern touch for the fabrics.Make it looks like a real huggies or branded diapers.Only we use in here is a cloth.”Baby Cloth Diaper”in short.Choosing the right fabric who absorb wetness make the baby still dry and comfortable.Picking garment or fabric here.Cutting,then sewed it after then,presto ! he finally made his very first creations of “Baby Cloth Diaper”in their  whole life being.A brilliant idea isn’t it ?while reducing the amount of their expenses ,he discover also comfort for their kids.Sharing this idea to all mother wholeheartedly he enhance it and turns into a real business.From wet undies turns out to a simple home business.Amazing that’s all I can say.

Here is a saying,”If there is  a will,there is a way”

How much is branded diapers now?it cost P10 each.Buying,using,throw it away after,while the “Baby Cloth Diaper” is Reusable,Washable and very Affordable on everybodys pocket.Pocket friendly, Ecofriendly.You can use it over and over again  as long as it is  strongly sewn by an experts.

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Many people now, are experiencing an Economic Crisis.That's why they look for any alternatives for any regular items.Instead of using a branded one,they look for an alternative as a substitute in a very lowest price.They enjoy the benefits of it and i am one of them ,too.Why stick on a branded one if,u can have other  which also serve as same ?u can have it and use it now and throw it later ....means" Disposable".here is my story....

"Tatlo Lima,Tatlo Lima"  (3 pieces for P5).lang po !A boy shouting this ,holding on his both hands a bundled and colorful round shapes garment which they usually called "Basahan".In English Wipeys.a pieces of cloth comes from an excess materials from the cutting department at any Textile or Garment Factories.I am very proud of, to that person who got an idea of this.A Simple Creations of a Filipino who is very creative on their own way,making small things useful to anybody and selling it at a very affordable price.It was very helpful especially to Jeepney Drivers, carinderia owner,janitors ,offices and etc....Maybe you wonder how it be made ? Let me show you how.Try to look at the following ...

Materials :
1.sewing machine
2.retaso (strip cut of garment)
4..newspaper(cut into round shape a size of a plate)
6..mugmog (served as a filler)
7.pantapal (facing cloth ,up and down part)
8.petals (a piece of cloth cut into your desired shapes)
9.plate (use it to make an easy move for the preparing of your strip cut garment)
Preparing :
first make a cartoon round shape pattern as big as a plate then make it as a base for the newspaper pattern.
1.put into plate, the round shape newspaper
2.put on the first facing (which is cut also in round shape as a center facing)
3.put down all the strip garment counter clockwise
4.put the Mugmog or filler after that
5.put down again the last facing on top

Start sewing :
check your finish product make sure there is no puckering stitch

now you have your very own Simple Creations.


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