To see typical traditional dress in the Philippines, it is worth to bring a visit to the more remote areas. Especially in some mountain villages on Luzon and Mindanao,  you will see the people still wearing traditional colorful clothes. It has to be said, even in the remote mountain areas more and more people, especially the younger generation, prefer  the more westernized clothes. 

A mixed culture ?

During a very long time the Filipino people were dominated by the Spaniards during the long colonial period and after that by the United States. Because of these foreign influences, a mixed culture developed, a mixture of foreign influences with native elements. Happily, this hardly happened  to  the more isolated tribes  (the so-called cultural minority groups or tribal Filipinos) and hardly happened to some of the Muslim people in the south of the country. They hardly changed  their culture. It is estimated that about 10% of the Filipino people  still retain their traditional culture.

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